Rise Up

Don’t follow the crowd, Carve your path, Take your time. There is no hurry, Stroll, Crawl, Roll, Take your leisure. You carve your own path And show others the way. Be the beacon they need, Light their path, Shower them with hope. The world is harsh, Reality will make you kneel, But do not kneel … More Rise Up

Farewell Letter

My Lords and Ladies, may the blessing of the Seven be upon thee. May they show you the path thou seek to walk upon and guide you through the dark places that lie ahead. In the light of the Seven I bid thee adieu and long may thou prosper here. It has been a great … More Farewell Letter


Miles apart her heart beats a slow rhythm, Miles apart he wonders of the curve her smile traces, Jealous of the morning sun which wakes her daily, Jealous of the night breeze which puts her to sleep, Jealous of the tea cup which kisses her sleepy lips awake. With eyes closed he pretends, Distances are only … More Curves

Being “NICE”

What does one get by being “nice” in life?  Well to begin with being “nice” is good. People will love you, they will want to spend time with you. They know you won’t do anything to hurt them. And they also know that you will do anything to see them happy even if it means … More Being “NICE”


Countless times the Earth has revolved, Oceans swelled and dried, Governments have come and gone, To erase your memory I had sworn.   But on this bustling, sunny day, With the Sun blazing on my face; You came disguisedly in to my heart, To incite memories long forgotten.   Of the good and the bad … More Home

Reception Woes

Come what may, things will never happen according to ‘The Plan’. It so happened that this year, on the so called “Valentine’s Day”, instead of spending time with my GIRL (imaginary of course) I had the pleasure of hosting my Cousin’s Reception. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to do on V-Day? (I defer. I’m sure … More Reception Woes

Confessions #1

Random confessions – Doesn’t have to pertain to my life. It could be anyone’s whom I have met or heard about.   #1 – What I did to you was wrong. I’m totally aware of it and I regret it. What you need to understand is, that it was my last act of desperation to hold on to … More Confessions #1

He sent me flowers

Cathy broke out on seeing Rob, “He sent me flowers. Rob, you won’t believe it, he actually sent me flowers. I’m so happy. He has never sent me flowers before. Look at those lilies, aren’t they the prettiest thing in this room?” looking at the bunch of lilies sent to her by Steven. Sitting by … More He sent me flowers